Himalayan Bath Salts

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Himalayan Pink salt infuses bath water with vitamins and minerals.

This calming salt blend softens and rejuvenates your body. This soak contains nourishing vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium and more.

Pink Himalayan Salt is known for its detoxifying qualities. It draws out heavy metals and toxins from the body. By driving out grime, dirt, pollution and bacteria from deep within the pores. This enables the skin to remain clean and pure.

We have 2 options of Unscented and Relax. Relax is an essential oil blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Marjoram and Cedarwood.

Minimum weight is 350gm.

Ingredients: Himalayan Rock Salt, Himalayan Fine Salt, Epson Salts, Fine Sea Salt.

Relax also has essential oils.